Male Enhancement

It Is Not Bigger Or Better Penis But Bigger And Better Confidence That Works On Bed

Sex is no more a new word to the younger generation for they get to know everything about this much earlier than all of us did. Yes, it`s now a very common topic discussed even among the teenagers. But these discussions happen in a raw manner giving rise to many myths and misconceptions It is only when they grow

Up do they realize and become capable of separating myths from reality. But even then there remain a few indelible myths Especially in the minds of those suffering from penile size problems and erectile dysfunctions. Let`s take a look at what these are and try to prove them all wrong matching the reality.

Many people try to correlate penile size with the height and foot size of men. They believe that men with large foot size and those who are tall, posses a larger penis than the others. In reality this is not true. There is absolutely no link between height, foot size and penile size. A survey was conducted by the website this website and they released the relationship between these in 63 men and the result was so very contradicting proving the belief wrong. And to the surprise of all few of the shorter men were found to have larger penis among the lot. So basically, a man`s penis size can be determined only on bed, in flesh and blood.

Secondly, another very common belief that prevails in men`s world is that they feel bigger is better and with this big size they can perform well. This thing is often related to women because men feel that only a bigger size can give the necessary joy and satisfaction to a female

This is in a way true but the reality is women are not concerned about their man`s package and that they are happy with even a smaller one provided they are kept happy on bed. But there are women who would prefer being on bed with men with smaller penis

and the reason they quote here is that bigger size hurts them. It is to be remembered that a bigger penis is going to be painful for the woman in the receiving end. When a study was conducted in Kenya, it was found that most of the women there were unfaithful

Any natural happening cannot be changed or modified artificially. So is the case with penile size. If you are born with a smaller size you have to accept and live with it for there can is no remedy. Of course there is which would help you temporarily but never expect a treatment, a pill or a device to fulfill your dreams for a life -long larger penis. This is not possible. Surgeries can help you have a bigger size but how long is the big question. It is a belief among many that all the supplements available for male enhancement would one day surprise them with a bigger penis which is not true in reality.

Race of people do not determine the size of the penis like many among us think. There is absolutely no link between these two. The average size of any penis in any country is just a little more than 5 inches and there could be no big difference in this. Of course there are men with even 6 inches longer penis but this is not because of their race. So this belief is more on myth than real science.

In their legal relationships only because their men had bigger cocks which hurt them while on bed. So it is neither a smaller one nor a bigger one that solves the problem but an average one which is decent enough for a good and happy relationship.

There is another set of people in the society who believe that men ejaculate more when they have a bigger penis. In realty, men ejaculate only a teaspoon of sperm irrespective of how big their penis is. This small quantity carries close to 200 million sperm counts which when falls below this range, indicates a health problem. This normal quantity is possible even by a smaller penis and it is just the physical and mental health that determines this and not the penis size.